MR2 Drivers And Owners Guide
MR2 Drivers & Owners Guide

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Ever wonder how an MR2 looks like in some colours that you have heard of, but never seen before? You have come to the right section. With this ever-growing database, you'll be able to find '2s of any type, any series in any colour you want, in real action!

Oh if you have a photo to contribute please let me know. Thanks!

1985 AW11Silver
1985 AW11Toyota Super Red
1985 AW11White
1986 AW11Electron Blue Pearl
1986 AW11White
1986 AW11White
1987 AW11Midnight Blue
1987 AW11Silver/White
1989 AW11Burgundy Mica
1990 SW20Black
1990 SW20Blood Red
1990 SW20Kingfisher Blue
1990 SW20Red
1991 SW20Blue Gray Argentum Mica
1991 SW20Kingfisher Blue
1991 SW20Red
1991 SW20Red
1991 SW20Steel Grey Mist
1991 SW20Steel Mist Grey
1992 SW20Black
1992 SW20Light Blue Metalic
1992 SW20Steel Mist Grey
1993 SW20Black
1994 SW20Black
1994 SW20White
1996 SpiderSilver
1997 SW20Silver
Year: 1993
Colour: Black
Series: SW20
Owner: Anthony M
Transmission: manual
Wheels: 17' inch mags with low profile
Other features: Momo half leather half metal racing gear knob, targa, Sony Explode unit with Splits and two basic speakers at front, neon lights on wheels and lights on bonnet where the spray thing is, increased the air flow. Future mod's - 2 exhuast systems both on different angle - drop it more - power ship - may convert engine to the turbo version - white leather interior - purple pearl in the colour - K&N filter - May consider Veilside body kit or Tommy's body kit Note: The car on the right is belong to Yanni.