MR2 Drivers And Owners Guide
MR2 Drivers & Owners Guide

My MR2 Okay i'm an MR2 geek, or enthusiast some says. I spent 6 months searching and researching MR2 and finally got one in September 2000, a '91 Steel Mist Grey SW20.

Owning an MR2, however, is not without problems and heaps of questions. From time to time i find myself stuck in questions like "who's the best service centre for my next 10,000K service?", "where can i get the best deal on wheels?", "which insurance companies DARE to insure an under 25 with a turbo?", and "who gives discounts to MR2 members?" blah blah blah.

Some asked why creating another site when there are already so many good MR2-related sites out there - i don't know - maybe i'm really reinventing the wheel, or maybe i'm building this site from a driver/owner's point of view instead of a general MR2 site.

Hopefully this site will be continuously improved to serve all MR2 drivers, owners, potential buyers so you can find what you need to know about taking care of and enjoying a '2!

MR2 Owners and their cars

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